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What You Should Know Before Selling Your Property

Before selling your property there’s some basic decisions you should be aware of. For instance, is the house ready to market and sell today? Do you know what is behind the process of marketing and selling your home? What costs are involved with selling your property? How much net profit will you make after the sale of your property? Did you shop around for a best price Escrow and Title company to protect your selling process at minimal costs?

An important part of this decision making process is selecting the right agent to market and sell your property and that’s where American 1st Real Estate helps you with selling your home. Let us work on the sale, marketing, listing, contracting, negotiating the sale of your home, it’s what we do!

Like buying a home, selling can also be a stressful process and going over these options allows you to make the right decisions for your best outcome of profitability.

Selecting the right Realtor allows you to leverage these options and make a sound decision. American 1st Real Estate helps you go over these decisions. We have the Realtors to assist you along the way with the sale of your property. Not only does American 1st Real Estate offer one of the lowest listings fees in the industry, we also offer personal service and attention that most-larger real estate firms lack on.

American 1st Real Estate is a brokerage boutique without the franchise fees and upselling costs! We keep it simple on the process and get you the best negotiated offer for your property without all of the extra costs!

We are on your side to sell at a profitable price with minimal expense to you! We gather all of our offers and present them to you for a decision making process and help you along the way for sound decisions.

Important things to know before selling your property:

Should I sell my Home Myself? For-Sale by Owner:

Most For-Sale by Owners end up selling their properties with Realtors. Why? Below is a list of things sellers should know before selling and Realtors such as American 1st Real Estate assist with this process. Maximization and knowledge is important when it comes to selling your home and that’s where American 1st Real Estate comes in to help with this process. American 1st Real Estate assist sellers with Maximum Exposure for a better price profit which is why the majority of For-Sale by owners sell with American 1st Real Estate.

Pricing Your Home:

Pricing your home is the important process of listing your home for sale. American 1st Real Estate incorporates all industry standard aspects of pricing your home to better service you and your maximum exposure for a best price sale. At American 1st Real Estate we have individuals that previously worked for large financial lending institutions, hold mortgage broker licenses and worked along with appraisers. This allows our Realtors to price your home correctly and most importantly negotiate a best offer deal for you. Pricing your home under market or over market value can create unexpected and unwanted offers and this is why most for-sale by owners contact us for their Real Estate Sale needs.

Marketing Your Home

Another important step of selling your home is marketing your home. American 1st Real Estate prides itself on Marketing. With various marketing tools and techniques American 1st Real Estate takes control of creating a buzz of marketing your home for a best exposure experience.

This includes but not limited to:

  • Developing and paying for marketing such placing classified real estate ads in your local newspaper.
  • Placing signage that is within compliance of Federal, State and Local ordinances.
  • Advertising and Holding open houses with a Brokers open house for exposure
  • Advertisement via online media for instant lead capture for maximum offer exposure.

Showing Your Home

Showing your home can be an Art! From possibly staging your home to simply removing all of your personal photos can easily help buyers decide instantly as they picture their personal items in your home. Showing your home creates the excitement at the moment, it also creates the energy of placing an offer the same day.
American 1st Real Estate will assist you in showing your home and making showing recommendations.
It’s important to remember who’s in your home when selling. Is it just someone who can’t afford it or someone that just wants to look inside for their own home remodel ideals such as curiosity seekers? We assist with minimizing this by contacting interested individuals directly ready to buy and are pre-qualified. Cross-qualifying buyers and directly contacting other realtors for a better exposure experience of your home.

Creating the Sale Contract

If you don’t’ have a Realtor to list the sale of your property then it’s recommended to have an attorney or qualified licensed individual set up your real estate contract. American 1st Real Estate will assist you along the way from beginning to end on your listing contract. We go over all of the terms of sale from price, showings, financing to close of escrow. We got you covered on the legal aspects of selling your home so that you’re not sued by the buyer down the line after the sale of your home. It is important that you cover all regulated Federal/State/Local aspects in the process of selling your home. We have a Real Estate attorney on stand-by for any updated matters and are included in the National Association of Realtors for up to date legal contracts. Let us handle your listing contract to cover all of your goals and cover your mandatory obligations.

Is a Real Estate Brokerage a Better Choice?

Selling your own home takes a lot of research and time. Skipping or without even knowing missing important implications of selling your home can cause selling issues. Working with a Real Estate Brokerage such as American 1st Real Estate allows you to make decisions based on the recommendations and outcomes we provide to better sell your home. We can help you sell faster with a higher exposure to buyers. By contacting us you gain an experienced agent to help you through-out the whole process. By contacting American 1st Real Estate to sell your property we:

  • Price your home accurately to sell quickly at best price, provide a Comparative Market Analysis.
  • Accessing buyers in other areas for investment purposes
  • Networking with our preferred lenders for a list of buyers ready to purchase
  • Holding Open houses with online media campaigns for a higher exposure
  • Ads in local media outlets including paper advertisements, Multiple Listing Service “MLS”.

Don’t let people just walk up to your door and knock without know what type of offer they are capable of with financing behind it. Let American 1st Real Estate manage this process for you.

Is My Home Priced Right?

Pricing your home reflects the activity level of offers you will receive. Most importantly, pricing dictates the amount of people that will preview your home for an offer consideration. American 1st Real Estate offers a Free Competitive Market Analysis review of your home. This allows price consideration with leverage options in order to receive a multiple offer situation process.
There are several factors when it comes to pricing your property and it’s the most important part of the process of selling your home. Contact us to help you get it sold!

Is My Home Ready To Sell?

As a partnership with American 1st Real Estate, it is our responsibility to get you the most possible offers at the best pricing but overall, you as the seller has the ultimate decision on selecting the best offer. We will assist you along the way with creative ideals of selling your home and making sure it is ready to sell. For instance, is your home ready to sell? Will buyers see your home as their home, will buyers see the home as ready to move in? This is vital to buyers making an offer. We will assist you with our expertise whether it may be adding paint, removing furniture to updated landscaping that makes a big difference in offer consideration. Your home needs to be ready to show and sell. First impressions are offering impressions and that is why we help you create the emotional and positive impression buyers are looking for which creates better price offerings.

Selecting the Right Offer

It is important to set yourself a time deadline on selling your home so that you’re not listed for sale too long. This gives buyers an impression to offer lower than asking price since it’s been for sale too long. Selecting the right offer is very important as it can help you close faster or even delay your closing to wasted and lost market exposure. There are several factors behind selecting the right offer and we will present all offers to you and assist you along the way with questions and outcomes behind each offer to better assist you in closing for the best price and time.