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      • Rent or Buy?
        • Rent Vs. Buying – The American Dream of Home Ownership is considered one of the top investments for most Americans today. With increasing rents and strict renter’s regulations, purchasing a property of your own whether for investment or primary residence is considered one of the best conservative investments. If you’re considering reason behind home ownership, then look at the advantages below to help you understand the benefits of home ownership.
        1. No landlord can increase your rent, set strict rules or evict you.
        2. Homeowners may have Tax benefits.
        3. Privacy of your residence
        4. Equity building that gains value to your investment
        5. Your monthly payment is applied to your investment vs. someone else’s.
        6. Longevity of residence without relocation concerns of landlord selling house or apartments.
        7. Ability to remodel or decorate your residence without concern of landlords.
        8. Ability to rent out property if you decide to purchase another primary residence.
        9. Depending on your location, mortgage payments may be the same or even lower than your rent.
        10. The Pride of Home Ownership.
      • How much can I afford?
        • How much can I afford? -Purchasing a home is determined by Lenders and their underwriters. Depending on the program there are several options to help you leverage your home purchase options. There are several factors on determining on how much one can afford on a home purchase. The best option is to get a pre-approval letter to help you better understand your purchasing power. This can range from your credit score, annual income, monthly debts to down payment. Visit to help you with your process today!
      • Working with American 1st Real Estate as Your Licensed Realtor and Negotiator
        • Working with American 1st Real Estate – We are licensed Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers with Realtor designations servicing the State of California. As licensed agents we are here to protect your best interest on purchasing or selling property. We offer a fiduciary responsibility to all of our clients as if it were our own property investments or sale. Contact us to help you with your home sale or purchase today!
      • Financing Programs for First Time Buyers
        • Financing Programs – From 0% Down programs, First Time Home Buyer Programs and Credits to cover closing costs, American 1st Real Estate can guide you along the way to obtaining the right financing program for your home purchase.
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