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What You Should Know Before Buying a Home

1. Start By Checking Your Credit

Majority of home buyers take out a home loan to purchase property and checking your credit is vital to the process, you must make sure your credit history is as clean as possible. A few months before you start house hunting, get copies of your credit report. Make sure the facts are correct, and fix any problems you discover. At American 1st Real Estate we can assist you with this process and discover any up front matters in order to help you make a sound purchasing decision process.

2. Prior to House Hunting, Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved will save yourself the grief of looking at houses you can’t afford and put you in aimproved position to make a serious offer when you do find the right house. By offering your Pre-approval notice along with your home offer places you in a stronger position. Not to be confused with pre-qualification, which is based on a brief assessment of your finances, pre-approval from a lender is based on your actual income, debt and credit history.We can help you with a Pre-approval.

Contact our parent company for a direct Pre-approval and shop with confidence.

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3. Type of Home Financing

American 1st Real Estate has the capability of offering you a variety of Home Loan Programs with our parent company American 1st Home Loans. From Zero down Payment Programs to FHA & First Time Home Buyers.

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4. Target For a Home You Can Really Afford

Mortgage guidelines with banks tend to use ratio indicators for qualifying potential borrowers. Taking into consideration your Home Mortgage Payment along with Property Taxes and Insurances and everyday living expenses are key factors to take into consideration as your overall monthly expenses. American 1st Real Estate provides helpful charts withmonthly overall breakdowns so that you are on target to a home you can really afford and still have spending cash left over.

5. Get Professional Real Estate Help

Even though the Internet gives buyers unprecedented access to home listings, most new buyers (and many more experienced ones) are better off using a professional agent or Realtor. Look for an exclusive buyer agent, if possible, who will have your interests at heart and can help you with strategies during the bidding process. American 1st Real Estate is a proud member of California Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors with a local membership with the Downey Association of Realtors. We have the Agents and Realtors to give you the professional help to achieving your home buying options. We work for you and your home goals!

6. Purchasing a Home In a District With Good Schools

In the majority of most areas purchasing a home in a good school district is helpful in boosting property values. Top school districts are usually at the top of a buyer’s checklist and when it comes time to sell, you will learn that buyers will pay top dollar for your home.

7. Do Your Research Before Bidding

A key factor on bids is your beginning bid. At American 1st Real Estate we negotiate for you for the best possible negotiation process. We have experienced agents that will research the market data and trends prior to placing offers so that you always get the better deal! As a home buyer what is scarier than purchasing over market price? Let us do the work for you! Your opening bid should be based on the sales trend of similar homes in the neighborhood and your opening bid can either cause an expensive process or an inexpensive and best outcome. Contact us for more information on the process.

8. Hire a Home Inspector Prior to Closing

Home inspections provide piece of mind. This is where you can discover defective items that are not possibly visible and request for seller credits or price reductions. Although home appraisals are mandatory with lenders a home inspection tends to be optional. By hiring a home inspector it allows you to better educate yourself about the investment you might be purchasing. There are many home inspectors but not are all the same with the scope of work. Contact us if you need help hiring a home inspector.